While all events are different, here's an idea of what we offer

Full Service Catering: We deliver the food, set up, serve plates to customers buffet style, clean up the area, and then leave the left overs for you to give away or take home

Our basic catering service includes: 

  • Barbecue, slaw (we have both (red tomato based) and (white mayo based) slaws so you can get all of one or do 1/2 of each) baked beans, hamburger rolls, BBQ sauce,  Tea, ice, plates, cups, plastic ware

This basic option starts for 100+ people at $14.00 a person within 20 miles from our cafe. (for less then 100 people prices may change based on food, location and exact number of people)

Some items we can always add:
  • Potato salad +$1.50/person
  • Grilled chicken +$3.00/person
  • Banana pudding or Oreo pudding + $1.50/person

We also offer PICK UP MEALS which are more cost effective for small gatherings

Add a few pounds if you like left overs.
Remember you know your eaters better then we do!

Example -- A pound of BBQ feeds about 2-4 people on average

To figure the amount of BBQ needed for your party, see the list below.
FAMILY PACK  = a pound BBQ, pint of slaw and baked beans

POUND OF BBQ with a pint of slaw

WHOLE SHOULDER average 8-14 pounds after it is cooked not chopped no sides included

You can also pick up a complete meal that would be packed in bulk for you and (we figure 3 people per pound so if you know you have some hearty eaters you may want to add to the number of people to accommodate them) including....

Barbecue, slaw, baked beans, hamburger rolls, tea, ice $12.00/person

Some items we can add to your order...
  • Potato salad +$1.50/person
  • Grilled chicken +$3.00/ person
  • Banana pudding or Oreo pudding + $1.50 /person


- Banana pudding or Oreo pudding  full pan feeds 40 people 6 oz serving $50.00

- Banana pudding or Oreo pudding in 1/2 pan (9 x 13) feeds about 20 people a  6 oz serving $30.00

(the size dessert bowl/plate serving spoons will determined how much they get)